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own order system, takeaway, reservations

Take control of your business! 100% free 100% no commissions!

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The Reservations, Home Orders and Takeaway system
OR COMMITMENTS of any kind.



Your own delivery website

Our platform automatically creates for you, your new delivery website and your App for iOS and Android. In 24 hours you can be selling online. What are you waiting for?

Create Your Restaurant Free

Free home ordering system

With our free home ordering system, with any of our flat rates, your customers can place their orders online at your restaurant. You will receive the orders on a tablet at your premises confirming them in real time indicating the delivery time.

Enjoy now your software delivery without commission per order!

Take control of your home delivery today!

Finally, a real and free alternative to the large portals with commission per order
such as Just Eat, Glovo, Deliveroo, or UberEats.

Stop giving money to the big portals!

Manage the orders yourself, and the databases of your sales and customers.

Use our free services with no order limits or commission per order, or take advantage of our cheap flat rates.

Create Your Restaurant Free

Setup in just 5 minutes!

Get your order system running quickly with the following video tutorial

Our services

Access any of these THREE plans TOTALLY FREE

Home ordering system

100% Free

Sell ​​your social networks directly on your website 100% without commissions 100% free.

TakeAway order system

100% Free

Allow your customers the pick-up service at your takeaway restaurant 100% free.

Order system Reservations

100% Free

Allow your customers the reservation service in your restaurant
100% free.

Place and receive a test order here

Place a trial order, receive it and accept it just as you would in your restaurant.
So you can see how your customers would buy and how you would receive orders in the store.

1) Download our free app for receiving orders on a tablet or phone using the QR or the links below.

2) Enter the app with the user and pass that you will find under the QR codes

3) Try to order yourself with the "Test order" button. You will receive them on the tablet in the order receiving app.

Create Your Restaurant Free

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